Time to Meet Your Neighbour

Online 7 PM April 18, 2022

Recording: YouTubeLink

Focus for 2023/24

  • Meet your neighbour -  with all the changes since early 2020; there are a lot of new families and neighbours in Beaverbrook. The KBCA is looking for input on local events (garage sales, street meet-n-greet, ...)
  • Sustain Beaverbrook/Kanata North  - get engaged with new community-led projects on community building, green and climate issues, and city planning, ...    
  • Volunteers - vibrant communities run on volunteers, whether as a KBCA director or spring clean up for a couple of hours. Interested in "giving back" to the community?    

Meeting Documents and Presentations

Click on the following to open .PDF versions of the reports


Community updates

- City update - Cathy Curry (Kanata North Councillor)
- Ottawa public library
- KGPC - Golf Course update


  • Presidents report
  • Financial outlook, plan
  • Community Centre update
  • Community Events & Initiatives
    • Cleaning The Capital - Beaverbrook Edition
    • Volunteer Recruitment
    • Street BBQs
    • Park Improvements
  • Ecology and Sustainability Projects
  • Community Issues
    • Development Applications
    • Cross-Ottawa Community Association Issues
  • Revitalizing the KBCA
  • Slate of Candidates
  • Elections

Looking for

The KBCA needs additional Directors, Volunteers and part-time paid staff


  • Treasurer
  • Tech Director
  • Communications Director

Paid part-time:

  • Tech support (Mailing apps (Mailerlite), Website, Google Apps management, VOIP, FB, Twitter

For More information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.