Beaverbrook Tree Inventory Program - 2024

Do you love Beaverbrook's trees and are interested in their well-being? Do you have trees on your property or in the neighbourhood you are concerned about?

Since 2017, the KBCA has been sponsoring the ‘NeighbourWoods in Beaverbrook’ project, more commonly known as the Tree Inventory. The project aims to foster community stewardship of the trees in Beaverbrook through education by:

- Enhancing the tree canopy by identifying areas where new trees could be planted,

- Maintaining the canopy by identifying trees in need of attention.

Every summer, Beaverbrook volunteers are out in the community to engage with homeowners and talk about trees.

Developed by University of Toronto Forestry professors, the NeighbourWoods© training is for anyone interested in Beaverbrook’s valuable natural resource: our trees. You will learn how to identify tree species and assess a tree’s health and condition. After the course, you will join a team of volunteers to inventory trees on Beaverbrook Streets. Data from the inventory will be used to assess existing trees' health and support decisions about future needs.

For more information, including volunteering, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • If volunteering, include first name, last name, street address, phone number, and e-mail.
  • High school students are welcome. The course is free for residents.  Join us and bring a friend!

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Hydro One Vegetation Management Update

Hydro One is planning preliminary "Vegetation Management" work in the Hydro Corridor between Beaverbrook and Kanata Lakes. 

Residents whose homes back onto the hydro corridor and are subject to easement access by Hydro One should have (or expect) a letter indicating that they will be visited by Hydro One Forestry technicians to discuss the state of vegetation management on their property under the Hydro lines.

Work in 2024 is a "mid-cycle check" of the state of tree and vegetation issues for homeowners and the City of Ottawa lands (including parks) within the hydro corridor. The next major check is in 2027.

The check is to see that :

  • Homeowners are up to date on their commitments to tree trimming and planting of compatible trees and hedges (particularly on fast growth and maximum lifetime height)
  • To identify and remove fast-growth shoots (suckers) that can appear on trees/hedges at any age before they can become an issue (in the next three years)

Trim work will be done by forest technicians literally climbing trees (where possible) or lightweight equipment (e.g., ladders) or small-scale mobile equipment, for which they will lay down mats to distribute weight and avoid damage to property.

PS: The work in 2027 will identify more major work, which may require heavier equipment, which will be done in The late Jan-Mar timeframe as the ground will be frozen (and they can bring in equipment across the Kanata Golf Course.

The KBCA is coordinating with Cathy Curry's office. 

This page will updated as more information becomes available, and updates will also be posted via the KBCA newsletter.

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Cleaning up the Capital - the Beaverbrook edition - Spring 2024

The City of Ottawa is kicking off Cleaning the Capital from Apr 15 to May 31

The KBCA does not recommend cleaning before May 11 as it is too easy to damage trails, slopes, ravines, around creeks or anywhere that's wet during the Spring 

The KBCA maintains this page so people can find what areas need cleaning and which already have a team assigned.

  • Schedule when convenient for you and your team - Individuals, Families, and Volunteer Groups
  • Let the KBCA know where your team will clean so we can update this page

Some reminders:

  • Restricted to cleaning up public areas, pathways, parks, etc.
  • Options
    • If you have already cleaned up an area or are planning to, let us know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • If you are not sure where to do clean-up, contact the KBCA, and we'll assign an area
    • The KBCA has garbage bags and vinyl gloves for pickup
    • Please take the full bags home for disposal with regular garbage, but if not, let KBCA know, and we'll arrange for pick-up 

For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Status (Apr 4, 2024) areas have been claimed for cleanup:

  • Numbers: <none>
  • Letters: <none>
  • General Areas:
    • <none<>

Priority areas not claimed for cleanup:

  • Numbers: all (except 2)
  • Letters: all



Time to Meet Your Neighbour - Part 2

Online 7 PM April 23, 2024

Recording: On YouTube

Focus for 2024/25

  • Meet your neighbour -  with the help of the KBCA, successful street parties were held on Tiffany Place/Cres (July), Pentland Place/Cres (Sept), and Sandwell Cres (June) 
  • Sustain Beaverbrook/Kanata North  - get engaged with new community-led projects on community building, green and climate issues, and city planning, ...    
  • Volunteers - vibrant communities run on volunteers, whether as a KBCA director or spring clean up for a couple of hours. Interested in "giving back" to the community?    

Meeting Documents and Presentations

Click on the following to open .PDF versions of the reports


Community updates

- City update - Cathy Curry (Kanata North Councillor)
- Ottawa Public Library
- Ottawa West Community Resource Centre
- KGPC - Golf Course update - Barbara Ramsey (Chair)


  • Presidents report
  • Financial outlook, plan
  • Community Centre update
  • Community Events & Initiatives
    • Cleaning The Capital - Beaverbrook Edition
    • Volunteer Recruitment
    • Street BBQs
    • Park Improvements
  • Ecology and Sustainability Projects
  • Community Issues
    • Development Applications
    • Cross-Ottawa Community Association Issues
  • Revitalizing the KBCA
  • Slate of Candidates
  • Elections

Looking for

The KBCA needs additional Directors, Volunteers and part-time paid staff


  • Treasurer
  • Tech Director
  • Communications Director

Paid part-time:

  • Tech support (Mailing apps (Mailerlite), Website, Google Apps management, VOIP, FB, Twitter

For More information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Why stopping ClubLink from redeveloping the Kanata Golf Course is critical for Beaverbrook homeowners.

Beaverbrook’s risk of substantial flooding is increasing due to a decades-long trend of more frequent extreme rainfall volumes over short timeframes, which our local stormwater management systems were not designed for.

As Beaverbrook is “downhill” from Kanata Lakes, the Kanata Golf Course and the Beaver Pond, so no area of Beaverbrook would be immune from an extreme rain event.

ClubLink’s desire to redevelop the Kanata Golf Course substantially adds to that risk. The Kanata Lakes Golf Course is also the Stormwater Management system for itself and many of Kanata Lakes homes in and around the Golf course. Re-development of the Kanata Golf Course would mean compromising or disabling its SWM system almost immediately after construction starts (with unknown impact), with its replacement potentially as long as a decade later.

The KBCA recommends that Beaverbrook residents support the KGPC and the City of Ottawa in opposing ClubLink in court and at Queens’ Part, including donations to the KGPC to fund the Legal, Technical and Planning professionals required to oppose Clublink.

For more details on the flood risk, view or download Beaverbrook - understanding the Stormwater Management Threat.

For more information on the KGPC and their opposition to Clublink



Updates for 2024

  •  Funding Grant for each Street event increased from $150 to $250
  • Assistance in finding a location for your event (e.g., you don't have quiet street to hold your event)

The KBCA is reviving street parties as a way to meet your neighbours and build community.

There has been a large turnover in the neighbourhood since 2019, and with COVID-19 limiting contact, many new residents have not had the chance to meet their neighbours.

So, it’s time to kick-start them as regular events for which the ideal dates are between May 15 to June 15 or Sept 1 to the first weekend in October.

For more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The KBCA is ready and willing to help with organizing, but this really has to be an event organized by and for the residents of a street or collection/cluster of streets.

We have a number of documents and templates to help (click :

To promote your event, the KBCA will also print off a customized version of our 3' by 2' signs for posting in your communities (example, below). The fields which can customized are shown in angle brackets "< >"

The KBCA is making a $150 grant available to any street/cluster organizing group for food, printing, recyclable cutlery, plates and glasses, and games/toys for the kids (or any other reasonable expense, not including alcohol).