The City of Ottawa has approved 1131 Teron, with changes to setbacks (back yard setback 2.5m increased to 4.5m, Teron Road setback increased from 3m to 6m). The KBCA will not appeal this to the OMB, but will vigorously defend the community position at the OMB if the developer appeals. OMB appeal deadline is July 23, 2014.

The Taggart group has applied for a zoning change for a  retirement residence to be added to the 100 Varley property. There will be a public meeting Weds, July 16 @ 7:30 PM at the KBCA Community Centre.

1131 Teron Rd.

Despite arguments from the KBCA, Bill Teron, Marianne Wilkinson and various Community Members, both the Planning Committee and the City Council have approved the development application for 1131 Teron.

Based on our understanding of the OMB process, its risks and likely outcome, which includes factoring in recommendations from our Professional Planner, Dennis Jacobs, the KBCA will NOT challenge the decision at the OMB.

However, should the developer take the decision to the OMB, the KBCA will vigorously defend its position that this proposal fails on Community Compatibility (with the understanding that the City is obligated to defend its decision) before the OMB.

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Several changes were motioned and approved at both Planning Committee and City Council which will reduce the building sizes:

  • Building setback from the back lot line was increased from the requested 2.5m to 4.5 m. This impacts the Bethune homes [South] East (down Teron) from the 3 storey condo unit
  • Building setback from Teron was increased from 3m to 6 m, which impacts both the 9 and 3 storey condos

The net change is that the developer has less room for both underground parking and for the 9 and 3 storey condos, which almost certainly means less units and provides more space for screening both from homes in Bethune Court and along Teron Road.

For background information on challenging City decisions to the OMB, please read the following on “Think twice about appealing to the OMB.pdf”

100 Varley

The Taggart Group has applied for a zoning change for 100 Varley to allow for a 5 storey, 117 unit retirement residence adjoining to the existing 8 storey apartment building. The details on this can be found at the City of Ottawa “devapps” site: . The KBCA and interested community members, including John Mlacak and Bill Teron, met with the Taggart group and our Planner, Dennis Jacobs, on 6 occasions. These were very productive meetings with a great deal of community input to which Taggart responded, modifying their proposals multiple times for both the building and landscaping. The outcome is by far the most Beaverbrook compatible development proposal in recent years. While the KBCA will want to follow through in ensuring the Site Plan and actual development meet the expectations of the community, we will not oppose this zoning application. How Taggart worked with the Community should be a model followed by all developers and incorporated in to the City Official Plan process.

There will be a public meeting Weds, July 16 @ 7:30 PM at the KBCA Community Centre.

Neil Thomson, President, Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association