The new reality is that meetings -  for the foreseeable future and more likely permanently - will be mostly held online, including Community Association meetings and AGMs. This has several advantages:

  • It can be held at any time of year, in any weather
  • Participants can be anywhere there is internet access
  • It allows those who are vulnerable to health issues or have mobility issues to attend

Online Tool Consideration

In addition to a meeting moderator (as would run an in-person AGM), running an AGM requires a technical "host" to organize and run the technology side of the meeting who has experience with the online tool including setting up security, control who can speak, being able to mute interruptions and,  if necessary, eject someone disturbing the meeting.

There are many tools out there for online meetings, but only some are geared up to being capable of holding a meeting with potential interruptions for a large group of people and to be able to record the video, audio and chat (online text discussions) and - if the group is sophisticated enough - manage online minute taking and inputs from the participants.

Realistically you also need a paid subscription to the online meeting tool both for sufficient time (e.g. more than 40 minutes) and to have access to the required features


  • Able to host the largest possible audience for your meeting
  • Restrict who can attend via meeting specific password and (desirable) email address
    • Ideally have participants register and verify their name and email addresses
  • Tech host can control
    • Who can speak (select primary speaker)
    • Block audio interruptions
    • Who can present their screen
    • Block high-jacking the screen
  • Able to record the video, audio and chat windows
  • Ability for participants to direct chat comments to a specific person or group (e.g. moderator, organizers)

At this time we would recommend only business class on-line meeting tools (vs. party sharing or personal sharing tools (e.g. Skype))

  • GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar
  • Zoom

We do NOT (currently) recommend:

  • Google Meet (marginal security & control)
  • Microsoft Teams (unknown, changing rapidly)

However, we do expect major improvements on control and security within 6 months from every vendor (e.g. Zoom has set the standard)

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