Understand what the 40% Agreement means

There is a common misperception that the ClubLink application to redevelop the Kanata Golf Course and the 40% agreement only affects the golf course.

The reality is that the golf course is only 12% of the area of the overall lands described in the 40% agreement and only 30% of the protected lands in the agreement.

In addition to the golf course, the lands projected by 40% agreement include:

  • The Beaver Pond and the lands above, below and west of the actual pond (extends to Terry Fox)
  • Trillium Woods
  • Other smaller trails, parks and wooded areas in Kanata Lakes

All of these lands would potentially be available for re-development if the 40% Agreement is declared void or otherwise weakened in the court case between the City and Clublink

The following video and presentation provides an illustration of these lands: