Recently ClubLink, along with Minto and Richcraft Homes, contacted Kanata community leaders for a meeting regarding the green space occupied by the Kanata Golf and Country Club. 

Information was requested concerning what ClubLink wished to discuss; ClubLink responded with an open agenda. As a result, we concluded the intent of ClubLink was to discuss the proposal for development of the green space. Since we are 100 per cent opposed to the development of the green space, and we believe ClubLink is legally bound by the agreement that it freely signed, we feel there is no purpose for this meeting. 

In the event that Clublink does not wish to continue to operate the golf course the Kanata community groups believe ClubLink should be prepared to discuss a sale to a new operator for the golf course or transfer the green space to the City at no cost as per 5(4) of the agreement.

“This is an incredibly important issue for the community. We’ve been advised by community legal and communications experts that any meeting should be in the open and that all members of the interested community be allowed to attend and voice their concerns regarding the development of the Kanata Lakes Golf Course,” said Neil Thomson, President of the Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association. 

The homes and greenspace in our community, which includes the golf course, are entirely intertwined and integral to the neighbourhood. We find it disappointing that Clublink along with Richcraft and Minto want to destroy the heart of our community and bulldoze their way to profits while ignoring the legal contracts that have been respected for the past thirty eight years.

Lianne Zhou, President of the Kanata Lakes Community Association commented, “We call on the City to stand up for the interests of the community and not allow ClubLink to dictate the Kanata’s future.”

As of Friday, there was no clarification from the City of Ottawa on the legal ramifications of the golf course documents.

For further information, please contact Neil Thomson, President Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association (613) 220-9929