Note: updated as of Oct 12 2017

Updates (Oct 12/2017)

  • Public meeting is 7:30 PM, Oct 30, 2017, Mlacak Centre Hall C/D

  • KBCA/Community team met with Hydro One on Sept 22 for briefing on current and planned trimming practice on-site in the West Hydro Corridor and to discuss changes sought by the Beaverbrook Community on publicizing trimming schedules, policy, Q&A, plus changes to policy, including allowing Property Owners to maintain to reasonable heights on an annual basis vs. Hydro One with more drastic pruning every 6 years.

  • KBCA/Community team to meet with Hydro One on Oct 16 to review Hydro One response to Beaverbrook feedback/changes requested 

UPDATE (Aug 2017):

  • Hydro One has agreed to an emergency trimming of 9 trees in the first week of Sept 2017 and full maintenance trimming - in keeping with the practices in 2012 sometime in the Winter for 2018. There is no emergency work on the North East corridor, but this corridor will be included in the maintenance work in 2018. See the letter to Property Owners from Hydro One (link below).

Letter from Hydro One on work in 2017/2018

NOTE: This page will be updated in more depth by Sept 3

Maps and illustrations of the affected areas of Beaverbrook

Hydro One  vs. Hydro Ottawa

Kanata Kourier: Residents question Hydro One easement plans in Kanata

Hydro One, in response to a public meeting on the Morgan's Grant Hydro corridor held in June 2017, refused to change plans to REMOVE ALL vegetation and encroachments in the easement through the Morgan’s Grant Community which was performed in late July 2017.  

Hydro One had already marked some trees in the Hydro corridor bordering Beaverbrook and Kanata Lakes earlier in the spring.

Starting in June, the KBCA has worked with Marianne Wilkinson, Terry Mathews plus KBCA and Community Members to research Hydro One and their clearing/trimming practices and to determine how to ensure that Hydro One follows a trimming strategy consistent with practices in 2012.

A core group including KBCA, Community Members, Marianne Wilkinson and Terry Mathews met with Senior Hydro One executives in Kanata on Aug 21st, where Hydro agreed to continue the 2012 trimming practices and to work with the Beaverbrook Community to find a better solution for the community.

For more information, see the updates at the top of this article

If you are interested in getting involved, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here are the addresses of homes (by street) that will be affected


  • Borduas: 17 - 25 (odd numbers)
  • Carmichael Court - 1st block homes north of pathway 
  • Carr Cres: 18 - 32 (even numbers)
  • Lismer Cres(6 to 32 - even numbers)
  • Reaney Court (units facing Hydro corridor)
  • Pentland Cres 32 to 50 (even numbers)
  • Tiffany Cres (16 to 42 - even numbers)
  • Penfield: 163 + 201 thru 217 (odd numbers)

Kanata Lakes

  • Coady Way - buildings East of the Hydro corridor
  • Walden Dr: 212 - 236 (even numbers)
  • Kimmins Ct: 2, 3