There are two Beaverbook signs welcoming visitor to the community, one of which is in need of repair (est: $800 in materials), the other is beyond saving and needs to be replaced (est: $5,000 in materials).

The City has stated that the KBCA is responsible for the signs. Cost to pay for professionals to do the repairs or replacement would be many times the estimated material costs.

So we have a number of questions for the community:

  • Do we want to repair and/or replace one or both signs?
  • How should we pay for the costs?
    • Out of KBCA membership funds?
    • Separate request for donations from the community and local business?

And this won't happen without volunteers.

  • Who is prepared to lead or participate in performing the repairs or demolition and replacement construction?
  • Or are there suggestions as to groups that might do the work for us?

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