Beaverbrook is under consideration by the City of Ottawa Planning "Built Heritage Sub-Committee"  for some level of Heritage Status, with a Heritage study of Beaverbrook planned within the next two years.

Heritage Ottawa, the leading public forum for heritage in Ottawa, is holding their annual "Heritage Forum" ( on Saturday, 26 Sep 2015 from 9:30AM to 5 PM at St. John's Anglican Church, South March, located at 325 Sandhill Road. Cost is $20, which includes lunch.

This will feature speakers, including Bruce Elliot, Professor of History at Carleton University, plus discussion panels that will include the possibility of heritage status for Beaverbrook, plus a bus tour of Beaverbrook highlighting what makes the Community an exemplar of "mid-20th-century contemporary sub-urban architecture".

The forum is well attended by both advocates for and experts on heritage from Ottawa and the surrounding area.

Members of the KBCA will be attending to better understand what heritage status is and how it could impact the community, to participate in discussion panels and to be guides for the bus  tour. We encourage anyone interested in the future of Beaverbrook to attend.