Christine Maki, a producer at the CBC is looking for a Family outside the Green Belt to do a 1 week house swap with a family downtown for next week (March Break).

We're doing a special series, comparing life in different parts of Ottawa -- what you get and what you lose when you decide to live downtown, vs in the suburbs or in the rural parts.  We were hoping to explore the tradeoffs, through an actual trade!  We're asking two families -- one from outside the greenbelt, and one from downtown -- to trade places for a week.

I have been able to find a downtown family who's game, but I'm still looking for someone in the suburbs/rural area.  It has to be a family with children, willing to be on the radio, and to relocate for the week of March Break (next week).

If interested, contact Christine Maki (CBC Radio) 613-288-6526 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.