Do you know where this photo was taken? HINT: in your local neighbourhood, Kanata BeaverBrook Community

Over the weekend of April 26 and 27 the Kanata BeaverBrook Community Association is holding a “Get to Know Your Neighborhood Event” using a game known as geocaching. It's like a scavenger hunt but using science. Geocaching and Earth Caching are gaining popularity worldwide allowing citizens to explore the world around them and share their experiences with others.

“It’s our first attempt at running such an activity and we are looking for feedback and interest, says Val Collins, Executive Director of Smart City Science located in Kanata North.”

Geocaching users hide a "treasure", a container holding various items and a log book. Smart City Science is a local company delivering entertaining science education They have modified the activity to allow small children to participate.  “The Beaverbrook community has an amazing network of bicycle paths and we want our community to know them better so we decided to use the geocaching principles in a modified manner with photographs of the seven sites selected. Using observational skills children can identify the selected sites and work with their family as a team. “The main purpose is to get outside and enjoy our community, says Val Collins” and, begin to understand the basic principles of Citizen Science. We’ll be working with local Community Centers to bring more opportunities to explore science in our backyards in the future, promises Val Collins”

There are only two rules. First - if you take an item, you must leave something too. And second - write about your visit in the 'log book'. Everyone who visits this geocaching event will be recognized at the annual Beaverbrook Clean-up Day Picnic.

To participate go to the KBCA website and download the activity onto your smartphones/GPS or print out the activity and take it with you. 

The activity is also posted on with links to more information on Geocaching and Earth Caching and how to run your own geocaching event. 

For everyone with a sense of adventure, join the fun!

Find out more about GeoCaching at: