The proposed locations of the Canada Post Community Mailboxes (CMBs) have been made available to the KBCA through the City of Ottawa.  We have distilled this information into web-friendly downloadable PDF files for wider review by the community.  You will find maps of Beaverbrook with the proposed CMB locations annotated as well as photographs of each CMB location with annotations to  define the CMB location and posture.  The maps are quite detailed, therefore you may have to zoom in a great deal in order to read the annotations.

Mailbox locations are marked on the following two maps (North and South halves of Beaverbrook K2K region) with red dots and a corresponding 4-digit number reference starting with 4, e.g. 4002:

K2K Beaverbrook Map - North

K2K Beaverbrook Map - South

The proposed installation of each CMB is illustrated on a photograph in the following file.  To find your CMB, look on the map and find your CMB 4xxx number.  Then, look through this file to find the photograph of the proposed installation corresponding to your CMB.

K2K CMB Installation Details