Please come! meet your friends and neighbours at the KBCA Centre, 2 Beaverbrook Road, Wednesday, 6 November, at 7 p.m.  The meeting will include updates on key topics.  Councillor Marianne Wilkinson has confirmed her attendance.   

Get briefed on current activities of KBCA and preparations for 2014!  Take an opportunity to have your say on the City’s Official Plan before City decides!

Note: open KBCA Board Meeting 6:30 p.m.  Public, interactive meeting at 7 p.m. dealing with Kanata and the City to 2031.  Please encourage Beaverbrook neighbours and mature Youth to come.  The issues and direction touches all our community futures. 

Gary Sealey, President

Draft Agenda  

Short updates: 10 minutes or so


·        Report on Board Administrative items 2 min

·        Christmas Party 1

·        Planning-Legal -- Development activities for: 

·        1131 Teron -- (Marianne received new materials this week) 2

·        100 Varley     (expect a proposal early December; "pre-consultation") at City Hall 2

·        2 Parkway status 1

·        Teron Road re-design 1

·        Traffic complaints, Varley (and other?) 1

·        KBCA Community Centre -- status of owner's plans/ Marianne; refurbishment 1

Have your Say!  Interactive  40 minutes or so

Have your say!  Questions for our Councilor – input to next day’s meeting at City Hall on Draft future Official Plan and Transportation Master Plan proposals for Kanata Town Centre and Beaverbrook etc., residential areas; 

Need more info? please see Backgrounder on Beaverbrook-Kanata-Stittsville – Zoning, design and Transportation including sidewalks, Transit, etc.  

(Upcoming City Hall dates: Nov. 4, Transit; Nov. 8, Planning Committee; Nov 15, Transportation Committee.)  More? voluminous draft revisions to Official Plan. 

Please save the date; come, meet your friends and neighbours!