Dear neighbour and supporter,

It’s time to count our success and take a big, refreshing breath!

Hundreds of people in our community and beyond now know each other and appreciate their community better because of KBCA fall activities in Beaverbrook and across Kanata.

Several of community goals have been advanced including reaching out to each other, highlighting our heritage values and preparing for the future.

Partly because of our work, the City has also been reflecting on citizen concerns and on the need for rational, community-related development.

Spot rezoning must come to an end.  Rubber stamping development proposals in the name of “intensification” cannot continue.  Developments must reflect neighbourhood character and contribute to the well-functioning of the community.  We will continue to promote sound planning policies and pursue a just and principled planning process.

Opportunities for citizen support of good urban development with environmental protection will grow through 2012.

The recent public meeting arranged by Kanata North community associations with others showed public encouragement for strengthening a wide network of people all across Kanata and Ottawa.  Attendees applauded the concept of a citizen-led urban forum, committing to models of human sustainable development, and preparing for practical steps in the evolution of our City.

Focusing on good, just and legal urban development will be particularly important as the city starts to review and re-craft Ottawa’s Official Plan.  Over the coming weeks and months our strength, resources and collective knowledge will be tried.   The public will require even more cooperation among public voluntary groups.

Please come to the KBCA Centre (2 Beaverbrook Rd.) on February 22, 7:00pm  to support open community election at the KBCA annual general meeting.  An independent nominations committee is now recruiting community-wide candidates for a neutral vote of directors.   Please send nominations to “Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association” at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Your own candidacy is welcome.

For now, let us congratulate each other and reflect on our collective learnings and achievements from a heady and happy fall and winter campaign. Thank you!  Applaud each other.  You deserve it!

Gary Sealey, President
Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association