Beaverbrook-ers are welcome to join an Open House meeting of the KBCA Planning-Legal on Wednesday 13 Feb at 7:00 pm, at KBCA, 2 Beaverbrook Road -- to be joined by our Councilor Marianne Wilkinson.

The purpose of this short meeting is to share with you what we know of the #2 The Parkway situation including summarized advice of our Lawyer.

Following the meeting KBCA Planning-Legal will consider next steps.

This meeting on Wednesday 13 February will be just a week or so before the close of the period of Appeals.  

(It is not possible to delay until the KBCA General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 27 Feb 7 pm at the KBCA Centre, which is after the closing  of the Appeals period.)

This is an inter-active meeting.  You will be briefed and invited to discuss/advise.  Can you please attend? 

More information?  Please let me know.

Gary  613 270 1119