Dear Beaverbrook-er, please join us at a meeting of Planning Committee at City Hall on Monday, January 14 a.m. on #2 The Parkway, exact meeting-time to be confirmed.

KBCA and circles of friends are preparing 5-minute presentations.  Please let us know, if you intend to present (please see below for sign-in procedures), so we can avoid duplication and help ensure effective impact.

After 1000 person-nights of public meetings and over 400 of your personal letters to City Hall, the City Planner has sent KBCA his report on #2 The Parkway.  Some of your good input is acknowledged, page 2-5 of the report.  Founder Bill Teron also submitted a testimonial statement separately posted on this KBCA website.

With this input, KBCA developed its position "Keep to the Plan" funded by many generous donors with paid help from 2 professional planners and a reputable lawyer.   KBCA would keep the present zoning, which allows a building of up to 5-storeys -- about the height of the mature Kanata forest -- and with spacious set-backs characteristic of Beaverbrook. 

Marianne Wilkinson supported KBCA’s position strongly, both in her own words and in her research on Kanata Plan principles dating back to 1972.  The City Planner's report includes Councilor Wilkinson’s words (pages 12-14) and those principles (page 28) as clear, enduring guidance. 


Here are a few notes to help you in your review: The developer has now reduced his proposal to 7 storeys.  His proposed density, 95 units on this half-hectare lot, is over twice that of other high rises in Beaverbrook.  As the City’s report says page 7, it is "a large increase from the typical density within the Beaverbrook Community".  The report suggests the City of Ottawa can allow extra height by imposing setbacks and a stepped-down facade not required by regular Ottawa urban zoning.  In Summary on page 10, the report says, "this location is appropriate for infill and intensification of the scale proposed."  The report adds "it does not substantially change the character of the neighbourhood."  It refers to Atriums nearly 250 metres distant, but not to the bungalows across the street, on nearby Banting, nor to the townhouses at Salter.  It supports its recommendation with a reference to studies of an un-built rapid bus transit station within 600 meters, which so far is not approved, not budgeted and lies decades in the future if ever.  

To guarantee seating please plan to arrive at the Champlain Room by 9:30 a.m.  There could be some last-minute adjustment to the meeting schedule.  If you wish to speak to the Committee or hear this item, please call Christopher Zwierzchowski at 613 580 2424 extension 21359 on Friday, before 4 p.m. for an updated agenda.

If you do choose to speak, please fill out the form (download here) a copy of which will be at the meeting-room door and either send to the Clerk or present to him before the meeting starts.

Gary Sealey