Spongy Moths in Kanata North - Reference Page

What is happening and what you can do about it

Lymantria dispar dispar, known locally as "Spongy Moths" or “Gypsy Moths” surged in 2021 (they surge every 6 to 7 years), causing substantial damage to trees in several areas in Ottawa.

In 2022 it is anticipated that their numbers will continue to increase and pose a threat to both private and public trees.

In the caterpillar stage from May through July, they can quickly eat or remove leaves and needles from a wide variety of conifers and deciduous trees which can damage or kill the trees.

Residents can take the following actions:

  • Prevent the caterpillars from climbing the tree by wrapping the trunk in burlap and removing and destroying the caterpillars (June – July) see How to Burlap a tree
  • Volunteer to help burlap and protect Beaverbrook Park trees.

The following links provide more information:

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