Update (18Feb2022):

- added Comments - part 3 - cleaned up building repositioning/redesign proposal 

Original Post:

A new development application has been made for a 10 storey apt. building on Varley by the new owners of the Varley Apts (previously Taggart, now Homestead Land Holdings – a very large apt management co.) to update the zoning change by Taggart in 2014 (for a 7 storey addition) for additional re-zoning to a 10 storey building as illustrated, below:


The KBCA has requested a public meeting, but in the absence of Kanata North Councillor that has been delegated back to the KBCA, so we are working with the City of Ottawa Planner (Lisa Stern) and Developer's Planner (FoTenn), for a public, online meeting (Zoom or Microsoft Teams) the 3rd or 4th week in November. An update on the date/time will be posted in the next week or so.

The KBCA has been consulting with our professional Planner, Dennis Jacobs, and his feedback is that within the existing (vs the new/2021) Official Plan (which has been revised in the last 5 years) this proposal is permitted and will most likely be approved given approval for similar applications throughout Ottawa in recent years.

However, that does not prevent the community from asking for changes, including reshaping or moving the location of the building.

The published deadline for comments is Nov 26, but the City Planner will accept comments through December.

For more details, the entire documentation package can be downloaded from Weeping Willow 2021.zip or individually from the City of Ottawa Dev Apps site D01-02-21-0121. Note the best document to start with is the Planning Rationale.