KBCA last general meeting of the year (just before the Christmas Party**) will be a time-saver Special General Meeting on 3 December at 7 pm at the Beaverbrook Community Centre (2 Beaverbrook Rd.).  This short meeting is an opportunity to review recent success and prepare for the New Year.


  1. Councilor Marianne Wilkinson will present a brief summary of the outcomes on #2 The Parkway with short q&a  City Staff expected to attend.
  2. house-keeping motion: That KBCA ask the membership, at a special General Meeting to approve the spending of up to $12,000 from the Reserve Fund for legal and planning costs as required.  
  3. preparations for next year's February AGM, nominations, plan to honour those who served/donated, enhanced the community
  4. winter schedule of KBCA events/activities

**(This meeting takes place after the Traveling Village Dinner on December 1 -- and before the Christmas Party on December 5.