Hydro One is starting work this week and will be contacting individual home owners/residents for exact date/time for their properties starting today, Monday, Jan 29th

Actual maintenance is due to start on Jan 31st and proceed mostly on a street by street basis, but individual properties will be scheduled to accommodate home owners/residents, so expect to see Hydro One in your area for much of February. 

The following is the planned order

  • Week Jan 31st – Carr, Tiffany
  • Week Feb 5th – Pentland, Borduas, Cody Way


  • Work on Penfield and the “North West” Hydro One corridor is not yet in the planning stages. An update will be available on the plans by the end of March 2018
  • Work on City of Ottawa land in the "West" Hydro One corridor is still being negotiated with the City and no work will be done until agreement is reached

If there are questions or concerns the Hydro One contact is Ani Bekmezian – 1-877-345-6799