Community Meeting Apr 30 Re: #2 The Parkway

Dear KBCA members, donors and residents:

Thank you, for your important involvement and generous donations!

Please join us Monday April 30th, 2012 from 6:30 to 9:30 at the Mlacak Centre in Hall ‘C’, 2500 Campeau Drive, when the Developer assisted by City Planning will show you his revised proposal for #2 The Parkway.

They will tell you how they justify changing the existing zoning of #2 The Parkway from Minor Institutional to Residential High Density, converting public-use lands into two residential towers on top of 17 townhouses.

To save time you could choose to read only the developer’s Planning Rationale at:

Planning Rationale.pdf

Or check the Concept Plan at:

Concept Plan.pdf

This will be the first time our community will see the new proposal. This latest proposal replaces their earlier proposal for a 16-storey high rise building.  It offers about the same number of units, now in 9 storeys, or a total of 10 storeys (a top level for mechanical and amenities and much bigger footprint). In summary, they are proposing to install a tower between five times and almost ten times the height of nearby single homes in Beaverbrook.  Resident parking is underground; visitor parking at grade.

Many in Beaverbrook are concerned. Together we wrote hundreds of letters and reports on the first proposal.  Please join us at this meeting.  Ask the developer and the City to answer your questions and concerns.  This is your main chance, to say, and explain whether and why this second proposal is also out of scale with the neighbourhood character.  If you want the City to Keep to The Plan, you can urge that these types of development be permitted only in the Kanata Town Centre.

KBCA is committed to saving Kanata from bad planning.  We have been advised this proposal sets out precedents leading to many more high-rises at choice Kanata Beaverbrook sites.  Your continuing support, involvement and donations are vital.

Your donations ensure KBCA can pay for qualified lawyers and experts to defend our award-winning model city planned by Bill Teron.  Please donate using the PayPal feature or by cheque payable to KBCA.   Please continue to give generously.

Let's Keep to the Plan!  See you, on April 30 at 6:30 p.m.!

Gary Sealey, President

Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association