Hydro One - Vegetation Management 2019 Steacie Corridor

Hydro One is holding a public meeting on March 21 on the planned Vegetation Management for the 220KV/110KV Hydro Corridor that runs beside March Road and continuing along Steacie as shown below:

Meeting Details:

Thursday, March 21, 2019
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Richcraft Recreation Complex, Minto Room
4101 Innovation Drive, Kanata

While the precise timing of the work is dependent on completion of other vegetation management projects, the work is planned for completion during Spring 2019.

If your property will be affected you should have received an email and/or mail from Hydro One and they will be in touch with you to survey your property and consult with you on the work they are planning. As per the work done on the West side of Beaverbrook, in consulting with you they will discuss trimming and removal that you wish to complete yourself vs. be done by Hydro One.

For more details or for contact information for Hydro One click here

Clublink's latest views on Golf Course Proposal

The following article will be published on Jan 24th in the Kanata/Stittsville Voice.

It provides and interview with Clublink VP of Investment - Robert Visentin, plus a review of Jenna Sudds response to the Clublink positions and activities in Kanata North since Jan 1.

The KBCA notes that Robert V.s statements provide any additional arguments compared to their original press release and statements on the web site. It seems Clublink is also waiting to see what the City's Legal position will be.

Link to PDF of the article here


Recently ClubLink, along with Minto and Richcraft Homes, contacted Kanata community leaders for a meeting regarding the green space occupied by the Kanata Golf and Country Club. 

Information was requested concerning what ClubLink wished to discuss; ClubLink responded with an open agenda. As a result, we concluded the intent of ClubLink was to discuss the proposal for development of the green space. Since we are 100 per cent opposed to the development of the green space, and we believe ClubLink is legally bound by the agreement that it freely signed, we feel there is no purpose for this meeting. 

In the event that Clublink does not wish to continue to operate the golf course the Kanata community groups believe ClubLink should be prepared to discuss a sale to a new operator for the golf course or transfer the green space to the City at no cost as per 5(4) of the agreement.

“This is an incredibly important issue for the community. We’ve been advised by community legal and communications experts that any meeting should be in the open and that all members of the interested community be allowed to attend and voice their concerns regarding the development of the Kanata Lakes Golf Course,” said Neil Thomson, President of the Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association. 

The homes and greenspace in our community, which includes the golf course, are entirely intertwined and integral to the neighbourhood. We find it disappointing that Clublink along with Richcraft and Minto want to destroy the heart of our community and bulldoze their way to profits while ignoring the legal contracts that have been respected for the past thirty eight years.

Lianne Zhou, President of the Kanata Lakes Community Association commented, “We call on the City to stand up for the interests of the community and not allow ClubLink to dictate the Kanata’s future.”

As of Friday, there was no clarification from the City of Ottawa on the legal ramifications of the golf course documents.

For further information, please contact Neil Thomson, President Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association (613) 220-9929

Kanata Lakes Golf Course Defense fund


While opposing Clublink’s redevelopment of the Kanata Lakes Golf Course will be largely done by volunteers from the community, to be effective and credible, we need to be prepared to (as the developer is doing) invest in legal and planning professionals (as required), lobbyist skills, direct mailings, brochures, etc. etc.

Raising significant funds provides us with these tools to push back.

It also sends a strong message to Clublink that we know how to play the game and to the City – who need to know that if they don’t defend the legal agreements and rezoning planning for the property then we will.

So we need a minimum of $50,000 ($100 minimum per household for those backing onto Kanata Lakes Golf Course). Note there are over 600 homes directly affected in both Kanata Lakes and Beaverbrook

Given that this message needs to get out fast, we’ll do this in 3 steps:

  • We need a money pledge along with donor (your) contact information – email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . From this we can immediately communicate to the press on our funding
  • We need a cheque made out to

    Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association
    re KLGC defense fund

And mail to the following address:
     Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association
    106 - 1002 Beaverbrook Rd.
    Ottawa, ON, K2K 1L1


Drop the cheque at the Bank of Montreal in the Signature Centre (499 Terry Fox Dr). 

Ask the branch clerk at the counter to drop off a cheque for the "Kanata Lakes Golf Club Defense fund" and they will provide a donation box for your cheque.

Many thanks to the support from the Signature Centre BMO branch.

  • We will hold the cheques (safety deposit box) until such time as it is clear the funds are needed for which we’ll hold a public meeting (we’ll be holding public meetings on a regular basis in any event) prior to cashing

    NOTE: this is NOT tax deductible

We will keep a full record of all contributions so if we are in a position that the money is no longer needed we can issue a refund.

KBCA\KLCA Announcement on Clublink proposal

Radon in your Home? Nov is the time to find out

Radon is second only to smoking as a cause of lung cancer.

If you live in Kanata North, your home is at high risk of having dangerous levels of Radon Gas. You may also want to think about Radon testing when looking to move to a new home - anywhere.

Nov is the perfect time to test as your windows are most likely closed and your heating system is in use.

Radio is an odorless, colourless gas, so it can only be detected via special tests or Radon specific electronic detectors

Trudel Home Hardware on March Rd is knowledgeable on Radon and stocks short term and long term test kits and an electronic detector.

  • Short term test - $16.99 for the kit and $40, which you mail in with the test kit to be analyzed
  •  Long term test - $35.99 for the kit and $40 for analysis
  •  Electronic detector - $209.00 - continuous reading

The short term test will detect medium to high readings, which lets you take action sooner

The longer term test will detect lower readings (which can still be dangerous) and is more consistent than the short test

The electronic detector, which provides immediate results (e.g. overnight) and also acts as an alarm if the Radon levels rise. This is one way of testing a potential new home and is recommended if you end up needing Radon mitigation equipment to be installed in your home.
If your home has a Radon problem, the solution is referred to as "Radon Mitigation", which involves drilling a 5" hole in your basement floor and attaching a venting system to extract the gas and vent it outside. Cost is about $3,000

The following provides a good overview of tests and detection