Residents who will be directly affected by the proposed installation sites for community mailboxes (CMs) have received a follow-up letter from Canada Post.

The letter broadly spoke to questions regarding location, security, and accessibility.  Several volunteers, the KBCA, and Marianne Wilkinson's office have been gathering information and working together to prepare a co-ordinated response to Canada Post.

We have reason to believe that the next step in the community consultation process is about to begin.  Canada Post will be calling door to door to give homeowners exact details as to where their CMs will be located, and to register any concerns owners may have.

They will make two attempts to meet with you, and failing that, will leave a "door knocker" which will supply a phone number to call to make an appointment.

It would be most effective if those households directly affected were to call Canada Post now, at 1-844-454-3009 and ask for a confirmation as to when they might expect the planning officers to be calling on them.  As the Canada Post employee will not be able to confirm this, it is then very important to ask for a "service ticket" for confirmation of the date of your consultation. This registers you into their system, and will ensure an answer in the next 5 working days.

Any other questions or concerns you may have about the proposed CMs are best directed through this process.  The key is to obtain a "service ticket" number.

By Elise Farrell, KBCA Vice-President