Community partners, with help from Ottawa Public Health, are offering a Growing Healthy Screening Clinic.  The Clinic will assess the growth and development of children up to 6 years of age.

Who should come to the Growing Healthy Screening Clinic?

  • Children under the age of 6 and their parent or guardian.
  • Children who may not be developing as expected.
  • Children whose parent or guardian has questions about their development.

What will happen at a Growing Healthy Screening Clinic?

You and your child will meet with the following consultants for assessment, and discussion.

  • Immunization Assessment – Ottawa Public Health
  • Dental assessment – Ottawa Public Health
  • Nutrition assessment – Ottawa Public Health
  • Behavioral assessment – Crossroads (English) 
  • Speech and language Screening – First Words (only for children up to 5 years old and children NOT enrolled in senior kindergarten)
  • Developmental assessment – Ottawa Children Treatment Centre
  • Promotion of literacy – Parent Resource Centre  

There will be a play area, snacks, and information on child development, literacy, immunization and other topics related to raising a healthy child.

Will there be childcare available for my other children?

There will be limited capacity to care for your other children. Please discuss this when you call to register.

Please call to register, space is limited.  Families must register ahead of time.

Date:  Thursday June 12, 2014
Host Agency:  Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre
Event Location:  Kanata Beaverbrook Community Centre, 2 Beaverbrook Rd.
Contact:  Colleen Taylor, (613) 591-3686 x228 (leave a message)