Please tell your story! Beaverbrook is getting ready for its 50th anniversary.  Canada is getting ready for its 150th.

A group of Carleton honour’s and graduate history students and their Professor, John Walsh, are coming to the Beaverbrook community to conduct Oral History research.

Supervised researchers will ask questions on memories of everyday life, at school, at play, at home, and perhaps even at work.  They will gather your recollections of the spaces and places of everyday Beaverbrook life;   houses, yards, schools, parks, community centre, forests, ponds, parks, and streets and pathways that together made up our lives’ geographies.  They have chosen Beaverbrook as an ideal setting in which to explore these memories as well as the unique character of Beaverbrook.

Interviews usually last from 60-90 minutes and they focus mostly on the memories and social histories of childhood, youth, and young adulthood.

If you agree, you will be interviewed in your home, or at Carleton University, or at any other convenient location.  Depending on your permission, interviews will be archived at Carleton and available to be streamed over the Internet.  Students will also be producing research projects with the interviews.  You are welcome to share or lend some of your photos, notes, maps, and drawings which could be put digital form for future research and displays.  You will receive a copy of your interview for your personal record, which you may wish to pass to your family, friends or future generations.

This project is carried out with encouragement of Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association.  Volunteers of KBCA will be welcoming the researchers with a short introductory guided tour.  We're hoping for many people to speak up, and share our stories.  To support the project with your story, please call or email John Walsh (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  tel 613-520-2600 x2821) Let's welcome the researchers! 

Gary 613 791 6729