Ottawa City Council took its first step to designating Beaverbrook as a conservation district, when it approved a Motion November 26 by City Planning Chair Peter Hume, to undertake the preliminary studies required by the Province of Ontario.

"This initiative which we recommended to Councilor Wilkinson and Planning Committee after extensive public consultation", said Gary Sealey President of Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association and Vice President of Federation of Citizens Associations, " will help guide evolution of  Beaverbrook consistent with its character as a Garden City".  

"We want to guide evolution of Beaverbrook based on its based on its established character", said Gary Sealey.  "The idea is not to fossiilize the community but to be true to its valued principles.  Much documentation has already been carefully collected. Given the support we got from City Council, we will ask residents, enlightened businesses and experts to help  the City make sure the designation-project  is accurate and complete.    With good field work, consultations and expertise this project will become a valuable precedent for all neighbourhoods in Ottawa."

About 400 residents asked KBCA to petition City Hall to protect the Beaverbrook character.   A cross-section of others including real estate leaders indicated their support for the project.  

Beaverbrook is the oldest residential part of the original City of Kanata, soon to celebrate its fiftieth birthday.  Now amalgamated into the City of Ottawa Beaverbrook is encircled by some of Canada's most valuable employment lands exporting products from a busy hi-tech business park and served by a growing Town Centre.

Bill Teron who conceived Kanata and developed its first main stages, has continued to reflect and inform others on its values.  Mr Teron is highly regarded for his achievement and has been awarded both the Jane Jacobs Lifetime Achievement Award and the Order of Canada.  Councilor Wilkinson, first Mayor of Kanata, strongly supported the Motion to launch the designation-project.

More info?  Download Bill Teron On Kanata Values and Heritage.pdf