Hydro One Vegetation Management Update

Hydro One is planning preliminary "Vegetation Management" work in the Hydro Corridor between Beaverbrook and Kanata Lakes. 

Residents whose homes back onto the hydro corridor and are subject to easement access by Hydro One should have (or expect) a letter indicating that they will be visited by Hydro One Forestry technicians to discuss the state of vegetation management on their property under the Hydro lines.

Work in 2024 is a "mid-cycle check" of the state of tree and vegetation issues for homeowners and the City of Ottawa lands (including parks) within the hydro corridor. The next major check is in 2027.

The check is to see that :

  • Homeowners are up to date on their commitments to tree trimming and planting of compatible trees and hedges (particularly on fast growth and maximum lifetime height)
  • To identify and remove fast-growth shoots (suckers) that can appear on trees/hedges at any age before they can become an issue (in the next three years)

Trim work will be done by forest technicians literally climbing trees (where possible) or lightweight equipment (e.g., ladders) or small-scale mobile equipment, for which they will lay down mats to distribute weight and avoid damage to property.

PS: The work in 2027 will identify more major work, which may require heavier equipment, which will be done in The late Jan-Mar timeframe as the ground will be frozen (and they can bring in equipment across the Kanata Golf Course.

The KBCA is coordinating with Cathy Curry's office. 

This page will updated as more information becomes available, and updates will also be posted via the KBCA newsletter.

For more information: info@kanatabeaverbrook.ca