Why stopping ClubLink from redeveloping the Kanata Golf Course is critical for Beaverbrook homeowners.

Beaverbrook’s risk of substantial flooding is increasing due to a decades-long trend of more frequent extreme rainfall volumes over short timeframes, which our local stormwater management systems were not designed for.

As Beaverbrook is “downhill” from Kanata Lakes, the Kanata Golf Course and the Beaver Pond, so no area of Beaverbrook would be immune from an extreme rain event.

ClubLink’s desire to redevelop the Kanata Golf Course substantially adds to that risk. The Kanata Lakes Golf Course is also the Stormwater Management system for itself and many of Kanata Lakes homes in and around the Golf course. Re-development of the Kanata Golf Course would mean compromising or disabling its SWM system almost immediately after construction starts (with unknown impact), with its replacement potentially as long as a decade later.

The KBCA recommends that Beaverbrook residents support the KGPC and the City of Ottawa in opposing ClubLink in court and at Queens’ Part, including donations to the KGPC to fund the Legal, Technical and Planning professionals required to oppose Clublink.

For more details on the flood risk, view or download Beaverbrook - understanding the Stormwater Management Threat.

For more information on the KGPC and their opposition to Clublink