The Ottawa Biosphere Bio City (OBEC) & KBCA are running a Sustainability Discussion and Planning Workshop
Oct 29 @ 6PM
Kanata Beaverbrook Community Centre
1002 Beaverbrook Rd - Beaverbrook Centre - West Entrance (look for blue sign)
Sustain Kanata North was a highly successful project several years ago. Successful projects included:

    - Cycling (TACK) including cycling maps of Kanata North
    - Walk, Bike to School 
    - Local Farmers market (currently @ Centrum on Saturdays)
    - Urban Garden
    - Tom Thompson and other local park clean up, planting and plant maintenance
    - Home energy profile

Building on that success, the OBEC and the KBCA are looking to re-visit the idea of sustainability projects and are looking for everyone in Kanata North to participate.

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