Signature features in Beaverbrook are the globe street lights on most home's front lawns and the lit square street corner signs.

Many people don't know that:

 - The City of  Ottawa is responsible for maintaining them, including changing the light bulbs. Just call 311.

 - Both the globe and street corner signs electrical supply is coming from YOUR home

 - Both lights are turned on/off by a light sensor typically located at the rear of the home.

If you have a street corner sign, you should be receiving an annual cheque from the City for the electrical rates.

While you could ask the City to replace the bulbs, we would highly recommend that you replace the bulbs with LED lighting to minimize the cost on your electrical bill.


 We do know of several cases where renovations have removed the light sensor and either the globe light doesn't work or is on all the time. We are looking into a retrofit sensor to be mounted on the globe light post. Let us know if you are interested.

We're also looking into refurbishing the square corner signs. Let us know what you think.