Survey requests went out via the KBCA web site, email lists, the KBCA Facebook page and the Beaverbrook Happenings Facebook page (which is managed by the Beaverbrook Thursday Night Family group). The majority of feedback was through the Beaverbrook Happenings Facebook page.

I would summarize the feedback as follows:

  • Many who would consider registering are not seeing the programs they want or other reasons in 2016 as to why they won’t be registering without changes to the programs and times offered.
  • Parents were looking for options for afternoons, evenings and weekends
  • Time Spread between classes for parents with 3 kids (2 to 3 years apart) is much longer than in previous years
  • Split level classes were suggested to:
    • Shorten the overall time spent by a parent at the pool with 3 kids
    • Possibly offer a wider variety of levels/classes
  • Concentrated classes – say an hour a day for 5 days vs 30 min a day over two weeks – were mentioned as a preferred option to allow other weeks for summer camps, etc.
  • Many parents are not aware the pool exists (community facilities problem – something the KBCA needs to address) as witnessed by a number of parents noting that they had been in the community for a few years and did not realize the pool existed.

For details see Beaverbrook Pool Swimming Lesson Survey - Summer 2016