Beaverbrook/Kanata Lakes Hydro Corridor Maintenance- 2017/2018

Note: updated as of 2 PM Aug 29 2017

UPDATE: Hydro One has agreed to an emergency trimming of 9 trees in the first week of Sept 2017 and full maintenance trimming - in keeping with the practices in 2012 sometime in the Winter for 2018. There is no emergency work on the North East corridor, but this corridor will be included in the maintenance work in 2018. See the letter to Property Owners from Hydro One (link below).

Letter from Hydro One on work in 2017/2018

NOTE: This page will be updated in more depth by Sept 3

Maps and illustrations of the affected areas of Beaverbrook

Hydro One  vs. Hydro Ottawa

Kanata Kourier: Residents question Hydro One easement plans in Kanata

Hydro One, in response to a public meeting on the Morgan's Grant Hydro corridor held in June 2017, has refused to change plans to REMOVE ALL vegetation and encroachments in the easement through the Morgan’s Grant Community starting on July 24th.  

While this supposedly SHOULD not include gardens, lawns, etc. for Morgans Grant they are also removing all vegetation and replanting wild grasses. 

They have already marked some trees in the Hydro corridor bordering Beaverbrook and Kanata Lakes, but this cannot be taken as an indication they will not remove all trees and shrubs

Marianne is working with Hydro Ottawa, City staff and a community task force headed by the KBCA to work with Hydro One to come up with a plan to reduce the impact (or negotiate an alternative) to Hydro One's approach to strip all vegetation from the easements. 

Hydro has been pursuing this clear-cut approach across Ontario since mid-2014. We're finding that reports on the experience of other communities has been limited or no impact on Hydro's eventual actions. To succeed in Beaverbrook is going to take a time, effort and money.

The KBCA HIGHLY recommends that any affected residents get involved.

There will be planning meetings for those who are looking to participate in building a community response in August and a full public meeting, currently planned for Oct 19, 2017

If you are interested in getting involved, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here are the addresses of homes (by street) that will be affected


  • Borduas: 17 - 25 (odd numbers)
  • Carmichael Court - 1st block homes north of pathway 
  • Carr Cres: 18 - 32 (even numbers)
  • Lismer Cres(6 to 32 - even numbers)
  • Reaney Court (units facing Hydro corridor)
  • Pentland Cres 32 to 50 (even numbers)
  • Tiffany Cres (16 to 42 - even numbers)
  • Penfield: 163 + 201 thru 217 (odd numbers)

Kanata Lakes

  • Coady Way - buildings East of the Hydro corridor
  • Walden Dr: 212 - 236 (even numbers)
  • Kimmins Ct: 2, 3